Back to Bacton…

Way back in November, Challe and I went to visit St Faith’s Church, the parish that preserved the Bacton Altar Cloth for over 400 years. We had a lovely visit and Challe presented a slide show of the BACstitch Group’s research over the past two years to a small, very receptive and appreciative group of parishioners.

We have just had our first article published in the journal Archaeological Textiles Review 64. It describes the methodology we have used to date. Jenny, Challe and I continue to meet every week for an hour to examine the secondary motifs one at a time, and it still amazes me how much there is to see and learn.

If you would like to read it, click on the bird below to open the article Unpicking the Bacton Altar Cloth: innovative methodologies for interpreting embroidered artefacts. You will have to scroll a bit to get to the article.

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